If you have already undergone root canal treatment but still have tooth pain, our skilled dentists may suggest root canal retreatment. If you have questions about root canal retreatments in Vernon Hills, Illinois, call our office today!

After you have undergone root canal treatment, your tooth may become infected again within a few months or years. This may occur for many reasons, including:

  • Your tooth did not heal after a previous root canal treatment
  • A new infection has started in your mouth
  • The previous root canal treatment did not remove all of the infected nerves
  • Restoration, such as a crown, was not placed properly during your previous root canal
  • Complicated canal anatomy was undetected during your previous root canal

During your root canal retreatment, also known as endodontic retreatment, one of our excellent dentists at Northwestern Dental Group will reopen your infected tooth and nerves. They will remove the filling material from your previous root canal, inspect your nerves, and re-fill and cover your nerves. After the initial retreatment has healed, a crown or other implant will be placed to restore your smile to the healthy and natural-looking smile you deserve.

To make your root canal retreatment appointment, call our office at 847-371-3341 today!