If you are involved in athletic activities, our excellent dentists may recommend sports mouth guards. Mouth guards protect your smile to ensure you are able to maintain good oral health. To learn more about the benefits of sports mouth guards, call our office today!

We most highly recommend mouth guards to those who play high-contact sports such as football, hockey, rugby and wrestling, as these athletes are much more likely to suffer damage to their smile. However, mouth guards are very helpful and beneficial for all athletes who would like to protect their smile, no matter the activity you play. Accidents happen whether you play high-contact sports or not.

At Northwestern Dental Group, we provide custom mouth guards for the best possible athletic protection. While generic mouth guards are available, we recommend custom mouth guards to comfortably protect your teeth from even minor injuries, such as scratches. Mouth guards are also designed to prevent injury to your cheeks, tongue, and gums so you can enjoy a lifetime of smiles.

You will need to schedule a consultation appointment before you can receive a custom mouth guard. To learn more about sports mouth guards in Vernon Hills, Illinois, and to make your consultation appointment, call Northwestern Dental Group at 847-371-3341 today!