If you have a significantly decayed or diseased tooth and other dental treatments have not fixed the tooth, tooth extraction may be necessary. Our exemplary dentists’ goal is to give you a clean, healthy extraction and to help you restore your smile to the healthy, shining smile you deserve. To learn more about tooth extractions in Vernon Hills, Illinois, call our office today!

At Northwestern Dental Group, we try to avoid tooth extraction during dental treatments, but if a tooth is causing more damage by remaining in your mouth, we may decide tooth extraction is the most effective course of treatment. Some of these severe conditions include significant infection, decay or crowding.

During your appointment, our skilled dentists and team will perform your extraction with precision and skill to ensure the best possible result. We provide IV sedation to those patients who are feeling especially nervous for their appointment. We will also provide instructions before, during and after your appointment to make sure you understand the proper treatment of an extraction site.

After your extraction, we offer various restorative treatments to get your smile back to the healthy, brilliant smile you deserve. To learn more about tooth extractions, or to make an appointment, call Northwestern Dental Group at 847-371-3341 today!