If you would like an efficient, lasting solution for missing teeth, our exemplary dentists may recommend All-On-4® implant-supported dentures. These dentures utilize dental implants to stabilize and anchor into your mouth. To learn more about the benefits of All-On-4 implant-supported dentures, call our office today!

Implant-supported dentures are very similar to traditional dentures. However, implant-supported dentures do not come loose in your mouth because they are anchored in by dental implants. These stable dentures will not inhibit your ability to talk or chew, while feeling and looking natural.

Implant-supported dentures are also very cost-effective. Oftentimes, our talented dentists are able to use existing implants to anchor dentures in your mouth.

During your appointment, dental implants will be surgically inserted into your jawbone. This procedure ensures your implants are stable and secure. At Northwestern Dental Group, we often insert four to six implants for denture use, but this number varies depending on your individual oral health needs. Once the implants have healed, dentures are attached. Healing time widely varies patient to patient, and our experienced team will give you a healing time specific to your needs.

For a functional, natural-looking smile, consider All-On-4® implant-supported dentures. To learn more about implant-supported dentures in Vernon Hills, Illinois, or to make an appointment, call our office at 847-371-3341 today!