Our skilled dentists may recommend bone grafting if your jawbone is not dense or thick enough for certain dental treatments or implants. To learn more about he benefits of bone grafting, or to schedule a consultation appointment, call Northwestern Dental Group today!

A bone graft is considered to be an oral surgery procedure. During this treatment, our experienced dentists will take a small portion of bone from another part of your jaw or body to transplant into your jawbone. Your jaw and the transplant will grow together to form a stronger, more stable jawbone that is able to sustain dental implants.

Oftentimes, the bone graft is taken from your own body, but in some cases your body does not have sufficient bone material to transplant. In this case, we are able to use artificial bone material or fragments from a tissue bank.

Bone grafts are often needed after you lose a tooth or have a tooth extracted. After tooth loss, the jaw begins to soften and deteriorate at the tooth site. For your jawbone to be sufficient for an implant, this deterioration must be halted and reversed.

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