If you have a tooth that has undergone significant damage or decay, our talented dentists may recommend a dental crown. Dental crowns are custom made solutions that will enhance the beauty of your smile while helping restore function to your mouth. To learn more about dental crowns in Vernon Hills, Illinois, do not hesitate to call our office today!

Dental crowns are a sort of cap that is placed over a decayed or damaged tooth. Crowns are designed to fit over your entire tooth, down to the gumline. This design ensures full function, as well as shape and size, to your tooth. Our excellent dentists and team will customize your crown to create a restorative solution that looks and feels great.

Dental crowns can be created with gold, porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. At Northwestern Dental Group, we oftentimes use porcelain crowns. Porcelain blends in with your natural teeth’s color, so you have a more natural-looking smile. We will work with you to choose what crown will work and look best for you.

Dental crowns can be used for many other purposes, such as protection after another treatment, completion of another dental implant or improving the overall look of your smile. To find out if dental crowns may be right for you, or to make an appointment today, call our office at 847-371-3341 today!